Comprehensive Plan 2018

Ward3Vision testimony notes the advantages of Planned Unit Development (PUD) proposals and why the proposed Office of Planning language is consistent with the text from the current version of the Comprehensive Plan, which explains that the Comp Plan Future Land Use Map (FLUM) should be interpreted broadly, and in conjunction with the other elements of the Plan. The latter was specifically in response to charges from opponents of the Amendment that the clearer language re: the flexibility of the Plan disenfranchises citizens because it makes it more difficult to appeal PUDs that have made it through the intensive PUD review process.

Ellen McCarthy Testimony (Comprehensive Plan 2018)

Testimony of former Director of the DC Office of Planning, Ellen McCarthy.

Support for Comprehensive Plan

Ward 3 Vision expresses its support for the DC Council to support and pass the Comprehensive Plan.

Comprehensive Plan, November 12, 2020