Tenley Library

On July 10, 2008 the Mayor announced a plan to move forward with a private public partnership for the Tenley Library and selected LCOR as the developing partner. This would have been a unique chance to leverage the value of the public land and private resources to gain needed community amenities. Ward 3 Vision urged the city to provide for meaningful public engagement so we could achieve the best library, school renovations, affordable housing, and the preservation of green space.

While our efforts encouraged the opportunity to create to a more vibrant Tenleytown, the community and the city decided to continue with renovations to the library without a mixed use space above for residential and/or retail space. After 3 years and $18 million the new library opened on January 24th, 2011 and has brought a distinct character to the block of Wisconsin crossing Albemarle Street and has received much praise for its sleek, modern design. It features a green roof and a public plaza with benches and greenery. Though we hoped to see a more mixed-use building we are happy to note that the building has been engineered to accommodate more building above should the city seek to add on in the future.

For more information go to http://dclibrary.org/tenley